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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a simple and effective way to significantly increase the amount of oxygen transported through the body.Pure oxygen breathed under pressure is dissolved into the plasma fluid and lymph allowing the oxygen to flow through restricted areas caused by swelling,inflamation or injury.


This surplus of oxygen enables the body to function and heal more efficiently.Health and longevity are improved through the physiological effects on the trillions of cells within the body.  Athletic performance is enhanced, and recovery time from injury or illness is shortened.

Increasing absorbtion of oxygen can:

  • Shorten sports injury recovery

  • Increase oxygenation to the body’s tissues

  • Increases blood flow and circulation

  • Reduce swelling and pain

  • Combat brain fog and increases mental clarity

  • Increase wound healing

  • Alleviate symptoms of long covid

  • Improve symptoms of fibromyalgia

Dose is dependent on requirement, please get in touch for advice on personalised protocols.

Book your Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy


Our breathe oxygen sessions at your health bank are typically 1 hour long and can be booked individually or in blocks of 5 or 10 (saving 10%).Completion of the health check form is essential prior to first treatment to establish suitability.

We use the Henshaw’s Sport recline XL chamber, the most spacious seated model with 4 transparent viewing windows.

Upon arrival you will be shown to the oxygen chamber and helped inside by our qualified operator. We will slowly increase to the required pressure whilst checking your comfort. Once established you will be left to enjoy the relaxing treatment of oxygen therapy.


Monday to Thursday -   8.00am  10.00am  12.00pm  2.00pm  4.00pm  6.00pm

Saturday & Sunday -   9.00am  11.00am  1.00pm  3.00pm

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Rawtenstall
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