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Health Spa Treatments Rawtenstall


Infrared Sauna Treatment Rawtenstall

The infrared sauna experience will leave you feeling rebalanced, uplifted and glowing. Unlike traditional saunas there is no need for dry heat or moisture to heat the body.


The infrared light penetrates directly to the core increasing the body temperature by 3° causing a false ‘fever‘ effect which stimulates immune function and makes the body less habitable for pathogens. 20% detoxification is achieved as opposed to 3% in traditional saunas. Heavy metals, toxins and stagnant hormones are eliminated from the body enabling cells to function more efficiently.

  • Improves circulation

  • Cardiovascular conditioning 

  • Releases toxins and heavy metals 

  • Reduces cellulite appearance

  • Improves skin quality

  • Lowers blood pressure

  • Relieves pain and soothe aches

  • Relax and unwind

  • Reduces fatigue

  • Improves mood and mental clarity

  • Decreases Cortisol (stress hormone)

  • Increases restorative deep sleep percentage

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Our heat sauna sessions include use of the bio-ceramic vitamin shower to remineralize the body and to wash off the eliminated toxins preventing the body from reabsorption. Maximum 45 mins in the sauna 15 mins to shower and dress.

35 minutes in the infrared sauna is the equivalent of doing a 30 minute cardiovascular workout, it is possible to burn up to 600 calories during one session. A complementary jug of alkaline water and a towel is provided, please bring swimwear and come to your appointment fully hydrated.

Infrared Sauna Therapy Rawtenstall


Monday to Thursday -   8.30am  9.30am  10.30am  11.30am  12.30pm  1.30pm  2.30pm  3.30pm  4.30pm  5.30pm

Saturday & Sunday -   9.30am  10.30am  11.30am  12.30pm  1.30pm  2.30pm  3.30pm

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